Hi there! My name is Jackie Minni.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope to inspire, motivate, and help you along your fitness journey as much as I can! But first, here's some background about me.

Growing up, I always had a passion for dancing and cheerleading.

I was a dancer at my local dance studio and a cheerleader for my school’s cheerleading squad.

As you can imagine, I was very active but I never considered myself an athlete.

I dreaded doing the mile run at gym class and was more likely to grab Wendy’s after school than to be mindful as to what foods I put into my body.


In college, my eating habits stayed the same as when I was younger. I was eating pizza in between classes and not paying attention to what I was doing to my body. I felt sluggish and unhappy with body as my metabolism started to slow down. I signed up for my first gym membership in hopes to lose weight, feel more confident in my skin and hopefully help me land a professional cheerleading job. My dream was to become an NFL Cheerleader but I knew I had to make some life style changes in order to achieve my goal.


I used to walk into the gym without any clear plan. I’d hop onto a cardio machine for an hour or so and wrap up the session with some ab crunches. This training method made me so frustrated by the lack of results I was getting.

I knew there had to be a better and more enjoyable way of training and I was determined to find the answer.

I began researching how to achieve my goals in the gym and how to eat to fuel my performance; and that is when I found the beauty of strength training, high intensity interval training and my love for eating nutrient dense whole foods! I started to experiment and created workout programs for myself to follow.

In return, I watched my body transform!

I coached myself to get my body in shape for cheerleading auditions and landed a job for the New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders at age 20. I cheered on the squad for 3 football seasons and was my own fitness and nutrition coach every step of the way. I didn't have all of the answers but I was so passionate about learning and absorbing as much information as I could from books, podcasts, magazines, articles; you name it.


My family and friends began to notice my physique transformation, my increased energy levels and confidence. This quickly led to many requests for me to share my workout tips and create workout guides for them! The joy I got from helping my peers better themselves brought me to the decision of taking things to the next level and become more knowledgeable about this whole fitness thing! 

I got certified as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and began training individuals 1-1 as well as leading group fitness classes in my home town on Long Island, NY.

A friend from out of state reached out for fitness help and thus, Jackie Minni Fitness online coaching was born!


Fast forward to today, I have helped many women nation wide, reach and maintain their fitness goals.


My mission is to help others find their love for living a healthy lifestyle, get life changing results and THRIVE!


I truly believe that health and fitness are the foundations of a living a happy life.

When you start to take care of your body and mind, everything else in your life is able to flourish. I am so proud of where I have come personally and want to help others down the same path. So many people want to make a change in their lives, but don't know where to start- thats where I come in!


With my personal experience and education, I can help you create the body and lifestyle that you deserve!

I am a firm believer that anything is possible with commitment, dedication and hard work.


Its time to prioritize your mind, your body & your lifestyle.

Its time to feel confident in your skin.

Its time to thrive! 

Are you with me?

Whether you are a first time visitor of my website or are already a supporter or client of mine, thank you so much. 


Jackie Minni

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