Customized Macros/Training Program Bundle

Customized Macros/Training Program Bundle

  • The Customized Macronutrients and Training Program Bundle will help you create healthy habits and compliment your fitness routine to assist you in reaching your goals!
  • This program is for those with experience using a food tracking app such as MyFitnessPal and have basic knowledge about tracking macronutrients and nutrition.​
  • This program requires the client to follow the flexible dieting method (IIFYM) to track your food to meet the recommended macro count.
  • Receive a program that is customized to your fitness level, health history, lifestyle and physique goals.
  • Receive a recommended macronutrient count to track macros on your own.
  • PDF file of #TeamJminniFit approved Grocery List with sample meals and snacks ideas.​


DOES NOT includes 4 weeks of 24/7 email support, nutrition coaching, accountability coaching, tips on goal setting, progress picture 

check-ins and adjustments as needed.


Once purchased, clients will be sent a Client Assesment Form via email to fill out before plan can be created. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive your plan.


$10 worth of savings!