8 Simple Steps to Goal Setting

So you have dreams and goals that you want to accomplish but are not sure how to pursue them?

Before we can decide where we want to be in the future, we have to evaluate where we are right now and our current level of satisfaction.

Take some time to write down your current situation and ask yourself if you're truly happy.

Next, write down your answers and absorb these 8 simple steps that will set yourself up for success!

1. Visualize what you want

  • What do you want to accomplish?

  • Is there something that you can’t go a day without thinking about?

  • What would you try if you were guaranteed to succeed?

2. Find your "why"

  • Why is it important to you?

  • Why is the outcome is necessary?

  • Will pursuing this goal make you a better person? A happier person?

  • Will accomplishing this goal benefit you and the lives around you?

3. Find out what you need to do to get there

  • What needs to change in your life to get you closer to your goal?

  • What should your first change of action be?

  • Is something holding you back from achieving this goal? If so, eliminate it from your life!

4. Create a plan that is attainable, realistic, time-framed and stick to it

  • Make sure that it's possible to achieve the goals you set.

  • Setting a deadline creates urgency to achieve the goal much quicker and makes you look forward to celebrating once you reach that finish line!

  • Stay consistent and be patient. Nothing worth having comes overnight.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

  • If things get tough, keep going. (That is what separates people from being good to being great!)

  • Telling your family and friends about your goals may be a good idea to give you the accountability you need.

  • Surround yourself with supportive, positive and like-minded people.

  • Check out Fit & Fabulous You 8 week Guide : An 8 week workout program with two different phases, an exercise glossary, cues/tips and Jackie Minni approved grocery list.

6. Record progress and Review

  • Make it a part of your weekly routine to review your progress and see if you get closer each week/month etc. to achieving your goal.

7. Prepare yourself for setbacks

  • The path to success is never linear. Be prepared for setbacks in your journey. Instead of getting discouraged and down on yourself, make a plan to overcome it and keep moving forward! Remember that goal setting is about progress, not perfection!

8. Believe in yourself

  • Know that you are capable of making anything happen if you put yourself out there, work hard and set your mind to it!

  • Believe in yourself and you're half way there!

Follow these steps, stay focused on your goals and you will be amazed at the progress you will make!

So, what will you decide to accomplish today?


Jackie Minni

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