10 Health/Fitness Myths you need to STOP believing

I'm going to take you through 10 myths and misconceptions that I wish someone told me sooner!

1-5 Health & Diet

6-10 Fitness

1. “Eat this & you'll loose weight”

There’s is no miracle food that will make you lose weight. But, if you are consistent with your nutrition (eating nutrient-dense whole foods & avoiding processed food products), getting a good night's sleep and being consistent with your training, you will be on the path to shed the unwanted pounds

2. “Don’t eat that cookie, it'll make you fat”

No single food makes you fat. If you occasionally treat yourself with your favorite cookie, donut, etc. you will still see results. It’s all about portion size, moderation and as you probably heard many times, “balance”. Remember that being healthy is also about your mental health. It’s important for your sanity to have that piece of cake once in a while. A restrictive diet is not the way to go. It’ll probably cause binge eating, having guilt whenever you eat something that will "throw you off track" and overall an unhealthy relationship with food.

3. Carbs are fattening

Eating carbohydrates will not make you "fat". They are an essential macronutrient that is a vital source of fuel and energy and should NOT be cut out of your diet. How do you expect your body to have the energy to get through a strenuous workout? Pre-workout powder can only do so much, and if your body doesn't have the carbs to use as energy, guess what?! It'll find another source of energy and break down your hard earned muscle.

4. Gluten-free foods are the healthier choice

Unless you have a gluten-intolerance, having a gluten-free diet has zero benefits and actually some risks. You may be lacking nutrients such as fiber, iron, zinc, folate, niacin, thiamine, -riboflavin, calcium, vitamin B12 and phosphorus and cause yourself to become gluten-intolerant.

Products containing gluten are replaced with processed gluten-free foods, causing you to possibly gain weight.

5. Don’t eat after 8pm

There is no proof found that eating at night causes weight gain. Your body digests and uses calories the same way from morning- night. With that being said, I'm not encouraging any late night snacking. But if you're hungry eat!

6. Sit-ups & Crunches = Flat Stomach

Crunches and sit-up will NOT get rid of belly fat. These movements do not engage your core, they can cause back-pain and ruin your posture.

Ever hear “Abs are made in the kitchen”? it’s true!

In order to have visible abdominal muscles you must be in a caloric deficit and have a low body fat percentage. Because of this, trying to have “abs” all year round isn't healthy. It is not good for your metabolism to be in a caloric deficit for a long period of time.

In addition to diet, performing compound movements are great for building abdominal muscles

*My favorite ab exercises: Hanging leg raises, windshield-wipers, bicycles, jackknifes, mountain climbers, planks, commandos.

*Exercises that will also work your core: squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups, push-ups

7. Weighted Side Bends will get rid of love handles

I cannot stress this enough. Ladies STOP doing weighted side bends!

You might think you’re getting rid of your love handles. No. You’re building up the muscle UNDER your love handles (external obliques), making you look thicker in that area -which gives your body a more “boxier” look.

Think of it this way, when you want to grow your biceps you'll probably perform weighted bicep curls. Why do the same technique if you're trying to get smaller in that area?

8. Strength training will make you look bulky and mainly

Get out of your comfort zone and quit being glued to cardio machines. Lift some weights, do some bodyweight exercises and don’t be scared! Women produce lower levels of testosterone than men and have less muscle tissue than men. So unless you're taking steroids..you’re good to go :)

9. You should workout everyday (“No Days Off”)

Rest days are crucial. Without rest you could injure yourself, overtrain, and keep your muscles from recovering and improving (making those gains!)

10. Not feeling sore means you didn't get a good workout

Sometimes being sore doesn't mean that it was a great workout. It just means that a lot of stress was applied to the muscle tissue. Proper recovery (refueling, getting good sleep, staying hydrated, drinking BCAAS) will prevent sore and achy muscles.


Jackie Minni

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