Core-Strengthening Workout

Core-Strengthening Workout

Core stability work is so important!

We use our core with every movement that we make.

Everyday movements such as, sitting in a chair, bending down or even standing, you name it!

Training the core has amazing health benefits!

By strengthening our core, we are:

1. Less prone to injury

2. Improved posture (no more back-pain!)

3. Better athletic performance

4. Look good

5. Feel good!

This workout is done by using 1 machine: The Rower!

*Great to do if you're at the gym at a busy and crowded time!

The workout: 4 rounds

-10 Ab Roll-outs ....(as seen in the photo)

-10 Plank Knee Tucks

-10 Plank Pikes

-500m, 400m, 300m, 200m

(Decrease 100m each round)

I challenge you to try it and tag me!

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