How to Approach the Holidays & The New-Year!

December 12, 2017

How to Approach the Holidays & The New Year!

The Holiday season / the last month of 2017 is here. Wow, 2017 went fast!


December is one of my favorite months for many reasons.

Throughout the year we're always "go, go, go" and I love that December is a time to slow down. Enjoy quality time with friends and family, quality food (bring on the rainbow cookies!) and also quality time with our thoughts.

December is the perfect time to really reflect and appreciate what happened in the past year and to also plan and focus on what we would like to accomplish in the new year.


January is the perfect time to really go for it! Get out of your comfort zone: Try something new or finally make the decision to go after something that you've been pushing off.


Before entering the new year, I like to think about where I see myself; Where do I see my business going: How will I become a better coach? How will I reach more potential clients? How will I sell my Training Guide E-books? How will I improve my own training/physique? What trips am I going to take with my husband? How is our first year married going to be? Will we find a house this year? Am I going to make enough time for my friends and family this year? Am I going to be truly happy?

Take these examples and apply it to yourself.


Imagine where you see yourself in 2018 and make that vision your reality! Plan ahead to make sure that 2018 is another year full of self-growth to continue on

becoming your best-self: mentally, emotionally and physically!




Now lets rewind a bit, and think about how were going to approach the Holidays.











For me, the Holidays definitely challenge my willpower and temptation of having those amazing sweets that seem to be everywhere I go. Whether it's at the store, special occasions or Cookie-baking Day (a tradition in my family where we bake 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies) there are sweets and treats everywhere!


You can bet that I'll be having my hot chocolate by the fire, my favorite Christmas cookies and every bite of my Grandmother's Christmas lasagna BUT I'm not going to throw my routine away because its the Holidays.


My plan of attack is to continue to get my workouts in and eat the foods that make my body feel good 80% of the time. 


During the Holiday season I like to think: Memories OVER Macros.

Please don't punish yourself if you've gone too far "off track". If you were enjoying yourself with friends and family, why should having a six-pack matter? Think about that?



How about we approach this years Holiday season with a more a balanced approach?

Continue to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs but also enjoy yourself!


Let’s follow an 80/20 rule. 80% nutrient dense whole foods and 20% treats for the soul!


Jackie Minni



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