Carbs After Dark?!

"I've been trying not to eat any carbs at night. Its been so tough, but I just really want to loose weight"

Haven't we all heard something like this before? Maybe we think it ourselves?

I know I used to think that this myth was true.

Unfortunately being too restrictive is a current theme in weight loss journeys. We restrict, we're too hard on ourselves and then freak out if we eat "out of plan". The vicious cycle of "clean eating" and bingeing continues. That is no way to live.

My clients are always shocked when I tell them that it is okay to eat carbohydrates after dark. They're even more shocked when they see their results!

Carbs at night do NOT make you fat!

In fact, there are benefits to eating carbohydrates at night time:

1. Increases serotonin levels = Restful sleep!

2. Reduces cortisol levels = Less stress!

So, what you're saying is I should eat carbs whenever I want and stop feeling guilty?

-Yes....BUT you have to watch how much carbs you're having a day. I don't just mean at night, I'm referring to the whole day.

Its all about eating within your energy budget.

A certain type of food isn't going to make you gain weight.

*Too much food over a period of time will make you gain weight.

The facts:

A calorie is a calorie regardless of what time of the day you eat it.

***Weight gain is caused by eating more calories than your body burns.

(Not because of the time you ate)

Here are the 2 important factors that determine whether you will loose, gain or maintain your weight.

1. What your macros/caloric intake is (How much you eat in a day)

2. Your caloric expenditure/ the calories you burn in a day (How much physical activity you do a day)

I hope this cleared up some confusion for you!

Feel free to shoot me an email if you need any more nutritional guidance!

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Jackie Minni

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