Client Spotlight: Francesca

Francesca's Journey on Becoming Her Best-Self

Francesca reached out to me in hopes of changing her eating habits, her body composition and over-all feel happy and confident in her own skin!

She had been exercising consistently for the past 3 years but she has struggled to see any progress in her physique. She is a big foodie, loves to cook and has tried to eat "clean" in the past but it has led to snacking all day.

When Francesca began working with me, she expressed that she was most concerned about her lower stomach and that she knew that her portion sizes were one of her "down falls", and she put it.

After assessing Francesca's training regimen, I realized that she was doing too much cardio.

Over the past 8 weeks, we have made changes such as doing more strength training style workouts, increasing her protein, fiber and water intake and have had control over her portion-sizes by having a structured plan.

With these changes, we have truly hit a sweet spot with her metabolism. She has lost 8 pounds but more importantly, her clothes are fitting better, she feels stronger, confident and her best-self!

Francesca travels a lot for work so over the weeks we have accommodated her workouts to fit in a hotel-gym setting. She has learned what to look for when ordering food at a restaurant as well as using a food-scale at home when cooking to learn portion sizes.

Francesca has had such an amazing attitude through out this process and I feel confident that she will continue to live this new healthy lifestyle!

Some quotes from Francesca from our weekly-check ins:

"When I first started this I thought I'd be counting down the days until I could get back to eating like I was, but I don't feel like that at all."

"I noticed more definition on my arms this week! I feel like every time I get to the end of my rope on this diet I notice something else that gives me a little more motivation to stick to it!"

"I’m definitely having way more “skinny” days. By that, I mean my jeans fit nicely and I feel good wearing more fitted tops, every day rather than once in a while. This is a HUGE pro. :)"

"Did really well on the diet while travelling for work, also super proud of that. I didn’t realize how much garbage I would normally eat while traveling!"

"I'm feeling good! I'm really seeing this as a huge shift in my life, I can't really imagine going back to eating how I did before!"

"This has been such a positive experience and I appreciate your help through it. I feel confident I’ll be able to stick with it but couldn’t have gotten started on this path without your help! I’m looking forward to more progress!"

Interested in becoming your best-self?

I would love to help you through your journey!

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