"I had been working out 4-5x/week for three years but wasn’t able to achieve the physical goals I wanted. I knew I would have to adjust my eating habits to see change but I dreaded the idea of “going on a diet”.   I met Jackie as a trainer at the gym and appreciated her positive attitude and constant words of encouragement, so when I found out she also did nuturtion coaching I knew she could really help me.  And she did!  I came to her with the goal of a flatter stomach and more muscle tone in my arms & legs.

Just eight weeks later and I am down 4% body fat! My jeans fit better and I am way more confident in my skin. 


Jackie created an easy to follow meal plan using my food preferences in all of the correct portions for my goals. I never felt hungry and didn’t have to cut out my favorite things (vodka sodas, pasta, and bread are all included!) Even though the 8 weeks are over, I’ve picked up the tools to eat better more intuitively. I don’t miss over eating! I signed up for just nutrition coaching but Jackie also gave me great direction for my work outs and a work out routine for when I was travelling. 

The best part of working with Jackie was that she was always available to make adjustments to the meal plan, answer my questions, and encourage me!  


She stressed the importance of “80/20” - that I don’t have to be “perfect” And that I can and SHOULD enjoy brunches with girlfriends and special meals while on vacation. 

It turns out that abs (and all your other muscles) ARE made in the kitchen,


I never would’ve been able to navigate making this lifestyle change without Jackie’s clear cut plan and weekly encouragement."


- Francesca, 30

New York